2020 Nashua PAL

2020 Nashua PAL Renovation

Description of Completed Renovation of Nashua PAL


To the fence, we added banners, which depict movement and activities that go on at Nashua PAL.  Check out the 2 amazing murals on the new ADA-compliant elevator shaft on the left.  There are 2 colorful, welcoming panels on both sides of the front door to the building, and a brand new front deck, which is accessible from both sides. New games, including basketball, Four Square, and hop scotch, have been painted on the hard surface of the playground.


As it’s the first impression when you walk in, the lobby is very welcoming and has many custom details such as the unique wallpaper, the huge mosaic of the PAL logo, and a new bench with fabric covers designed by the youth.  The reception window has 2 counter heights, one for kids and one for adults.  Engraved plaques of all the former PAL Officers are displayed in the hallway. 


By using reclaimed wood for shelving and leaving the original brick, we achieved an industrial look.  The receptionist has a new desk area in which to work.

Game Room

The number one priority in this room was to add a whole lot of storage throughout.  A large sliding door opens up to the kitchen so the youth can be served snacks or special foods, or learn about nutrition.  Felt squares were used to create a large game of Tetris on the wall; this adds sound softening to the room.  We set up a new pool table, and games like giant Connect 4, Shuffle Board , and Jenga.  There are two TV’s, one wall mounted, and the other on a mobile TV cart with a white board on the other side.  All the furniture is flexible and can be moved around, depending on the activity involved.  A large decorative light fixture coordinates with the rest of the room. 

New Kitchen

The purpose of the space is to be a teaching kitchen in addition to being able to serve food to the youth.  Kitchen demonstrations are planned for healthy eating and cooking, which can be observed from the Game Room.  New stove, refrigerators, and sink facilitate providing meals and snacks for the kids.

PAL Officer Office

This is a small space set up for 2 people.  We added lots of storage, and installed a ceiling mural of fireworks for a patriotic vibe.

2 First Floor Bathrooms

One bathroom is ADA-compliant with grab bars, and appropriate sink; the other is more utilitarian with a mop sink and other maintenance items.

Creative Learning Center

Originally 2 separate rooms, the new Creative Learning Center brings together technology such as robotics, Chromebooks, and charging stations.  A special bookcase art piece holds scores of books.  The Littles Learning Loft, accessed by ladder, is a quiet space for reading.  A beautiful, functional, built in doll house with American Girl dolls is featured.  One of the dolls is dressed just like the girl depicted in Manny’s mural outside.

Upstairs Boxing Area

We wall papered one wall with PAL logo as a tribute to a former boxing coach.  New lockers were installed, and a new champion wall was created to record the successes of the athletes.  The trophies also received a new home.  The boxing ring skirt was replaced.  A fresh coat of paint, and clean windows and floor rounded out the renovation.  A new bathroom, changing room, and maintenance closet were added. 

Boxing Office

Because of the small space, we designed a built-in desk system and shelving.  On the wall, we added a decal of Ali’s quote:  “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.”  We also installed a window to the boxing area so coach can observe what’s going on in the ring.

Stairway to Downstairs

We hung art in frames that can be reused in the future.  At the bottom of the stairs are needle punch pieces, which adds a tactile sense.  There’s a mural portraying a dandelion; we call this the Wishing Wall.  We also added colorful wall dots for another tactile feature.

Downstairs Bathrooms

We used “sticker bombing” in the hallway/vestibule to create an area of interest leading to the bathrooms.  Inspired by Shantell Martin, we used line drawing on the walls of the bathrooms for a very unique look.

Executive Director’s Office & Hallway

The room consists of an 8’ x 8’ foot print, so there’s not much room.  We custom made a stand up desk, added storage, and a table to seat 4 when the ED has guests.  We added sunshine and color to the hallway to brighten up the space.

Meeting Room

We installed a smart board, and moved in tables and chairs to create a flexible space.

Intern Hub/Think Tank

Tables, chairs, lockers, smart boards, and white boards make this a flexible space for different types of activities.

Creative Play Center

The priority of this space is flexibility and storage.  To store children’s art, we installed cabinetry, and included a sink in order to keep the space clean.  The cafeteria tables can be folded and moved aside to open the floor for dance and yoga.  AV needs were met with a pull down projector.  A special storage area for yoga mats was built.  A multi-purpose white board was hung.  Beautiful murals of a tree and rainbow make this a creative and calming space.

Administrative Office

Because this 2-person office is in the basement, we were deliberate in trying to bring the outdoors in by employing good lighting, and using green and bright colors.  A beautiful rug on the floor softens the look.  Storage was maximized and we added chairs for visitors.


This utility space features a stackable washer and dryer.  Lots of steel shelving holds foods, paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.

Throughout The Building

The building has a new wireless network, and lots of new computers, printers, and other technology.  All new HVAC and venting was installed throughout.  A new LULA lift was installed, which is accessible from the outside and from all 3 floors.  New signage was installed on the exterior and throughout the building.