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What we are ...

Building on Hope is a community organization of volunteers who work with builders, architects and designers to provide physical improvements to facilities associated with non-profit service groups.

We are not a non-profit group. Instead we ally with existing non-profits providing human services to New Hamshire citizens and help them better succeed in their own missions.

The structures and facilities of service groups are more than just buildings. They are like homes where lives are changed and hearts are mended or strengthened. By enhancing those “homes” we help these vital organizations in their work and bring renewed hope to their efforts. The benefits are far-ranging, helping not only the people being served by the non-profit, but also empowering and inspiring workers, volunteers of the groups and the communities around them.

Building on Hope sees “hope” as more than just a feeling. It is the most essential tool or building supply we have to make our communities, our state and our world into a better, stronger, happier place.

What we’ve done ...

For a small group of people with a compelling mission but with no funds or offices of our own, we’ve done quite a bit since we were first established in 2009. The estimated value of donated materials and services for projects done to date exceeds $500,000. Here are some brief descriptions of what Building on Hope has been up to:

  • 2010 The remodeling, landscaping, redesign and refurnishing of the Krol House Boys Intensive Residential Treatment Facility for Easter Seals New Hampshire.
  • 2011 Community Impact Projects in which Building on Hope facilitated and promoted the transformation of facilities for four non-profits in different parts of the state, bringing aide to their efforts. Beneficiaries included:
    • Bridge Outreach of Littleton
    • Odell Park in Franklin
    • New Life Home in Manchester
    • Camp Allen in Bedford
  • 2012 The major rebuilding of the Manchester Girls Inc.headquarters that involved a new roof, an air conditioning system, playground, extensive program enhancements and a complete new kitchen and dining area for the hundreds of girls and family members served there each year.

Each project also serves the purpose to raising the good work and the needs of a crucial local program to greater visibility. To remind residents who might not currently require non-profit services of the work that is taking place around them and inspire them to get involved in the kind of outreach and support that keeps New Hampshire strong, safe and hopeful.

These are the most tangible things that have been done by Building on Hope, but perhaps the most enduring accomplishment to date has been the rallying of the community of builders, suppliers, architects and designers around a simple mission. There has always been tremendous charity and good will in these groups and Building on Hope has been able to assist them in directing their efforts toward a common good where the whole is greater than its parts. It’s a reminder that Hope works both ways. It brings strength to both those being served and to those who are serving.

“You hear all the time about dreams coming true, but you never really believe it could happen to you. We have imagined many times what it would be like to have the resources to improve our facility on Varney Street and make it worthy of the 100 girls who burst through our doors each day. Thanks to Building on Hope, it will soon look like the inviting, warm, and friendly place that it is!”

- Cathy Duffy Cullity, CEO of Girls Inc. of New Hampshire

“The White House helped me figure things out and get focused. Now I know I'm ready.” Codey McIntire, a graduate of the Easter Seals Intensive Residential Treatment Program — Codey now has plans for college and a career in computer technology.
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